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Arad Eliyahu
Owner, CEO, Operations & Business Development

Tom Zohar
Owner, Director, Marketing & Sales

Daniel Porter
Owner, CEO

Who are we?

Three partners, ambitious entrepreneurs, professionals, daring and fly, dedicated and loyal, rich knowledge, understanding and professional experience in the world of real and technology. Believers in full transparency, in our reliability and ability to provide our customers with the security, peace and economic stability, the investment of a smart and safe, sale and/or acquisition that will be personally adjusted to the capabilities and resources that are available in their possession whether in small and/or large assets, buildings, private houses, apartments, Vacation apartments, student apartments and more, whether in Israel or abroad (with an emphasis on Cyprus and Greece) That will yield them yields and handsome passive income–long-term and/or short-term earnings.

We set up GROUP TDA out of passion and belief that we have power, understanding and capabilities to build and change our future and the future of our customers, while bringing in a different, young and innovative mindset to the real world.

We believe, in the approach of being different and the best of being Different & be Better and conform to the way our activities are uniquely and more dedicated and in all aspects, to each client and for each project and business activity while aspiration, of being the best and most innovative.

Our vision is: to go over the ground, to lead in locating, initiating and improving land, building and renewal of buildings, in Israel and around the world.

At the same time, we have decided to maintain the outline of the way and the company’s values for providing quality in service, integrity and reliability, listening and adapting to the client’s needs from the initial phase of examination, thinking and planning to the end of the transaction and after it.

Most of all, we believe that in order to reach the summit and the best success for our customers, we have to maintain fertile collaborations with leading investments and real estate companies in the local field, all over the world, with whom we are in a direct and profitable relationship.

We undertake to grant our clients:

Personal service, close and tailored to the needs and requirements throughout the process.

To share all knowledge and information for a winning deal.

Locating assets for the most affordable investment, and safe.

Assistance in acquiring and managing the property.

Legal and professional support in the acquisition of assets in Cyprus and/or in the direction they can be obtained

Tax Resident And/or Pasport.

Accompaniment in opening a local bank account and registering the property in the Land Registry.

Support and protection against the acquisition of curved properties that are not listed on their respective owners and in problematic assets.